2018 is a milestone for Tahiti Private Expeditions:
10 years of operations with over 100 different yachts.
We take this opportunity to wish you a beautiful new year but also to thank you for your continuous support and trust in our services. These 10 years would not have been possible without a great expert dive team and a wonderful network of yachting professionals around the world.
Thank you for having been a part of these dive and snorkeling adventures throughout the years. We look forward to continuing working with you and expanding our network further.
Rodolphe Holler has prepared a summary in video of these past exciting decade cruising and diving Tahiti and the Pacific but also other amazing parts of the world with numerous superyacht clients.



Successful Press / Fam Trip in The Islands of Tahiti

The team recently contributed to the success of the combined press / fam trip arranged with Tahiti Tourisme onboard 34m MY Askari in the Tuamotu atolls (NE of the island of Tahiti). TPE offered the opportunity to a few high flying charter professionals from Burgess Yachts, Fraser Yachts and OnboardOnline to explore this group of pristine islands meeting growing interest from our Clients. The group dived the mythical spot where dolphins are regularly encountered in Rangiroa atoll. Back in Moorea, they encountered humpbacks and their calves during a memorable journey on the water! The main focus of the trip combined with the exclusive yachting experience was ocean conservation together with Polynesian culture in a country home to a UNESCO biosphere.




Technical diving with Rodolphe Holler:
always one step ahead

Further to the continuous success and demand from our clients, the team now counts one additional instructor on the brand of rebreather units TPE has now carefully selected to use and recommend. Already very familiar and experienced with technical diving on several brands of rebreathers, Rodolphe Holler successfully passed his instructorship on AP Diving Evolution rebreathers on which he has already logged in hundreds of dives over the past 3 years in various parts of the world. Rebreathers allow to dive longer, with less deco stops while making no bubbles. They are the ideal tool for exploration and special encounters requiring a quiet environment and patience. These high-tech units are extremely reliable and our technicians very skilled and trained to guide while meeting all safety requirements in areas they are experts of.

Motor Yacht Askari awarded best 2016 crew of the year

During the Monaco Yacht Show end of September, MY Askari was awarded best charter crew of the year in the under 50meter category during Fraser Yachts’ annual gala hosted at the Monaco Yacht Club. Tahiti Private Expeditions, attending the event, contributed to the prizes the crew received.
It is a well-deserved award for an exceptional crew dedicated to always going the extra mile for their guests. The boat has been based in French Polynesia for 9 years and has hosted a very large number of dive charters during which our dive team has brought its expertise throughout the years.
The teams of Tahiti Private Expeditions and Superyacht Private Expeditions wish you an amazing, fruitful and adventure filled 2015! Of course, as always, thank you for your continuous support.
After a year of dive exploration around the Islands of Tahiti and further afield including Indonesia, Fiji and the Carribean, contribution to major ocean conservation actions with Oceana and to the International Superyacht Society yearly Award Gala event in Fort Lauderdale, where Tahiti was definitely in the air, time has come to move on to new developments and underwater discoveries with our Superyacht Clients.
As usual, here is a little teaser of what 2014 was with us and what the future holds for 2015…

Just for you...

No doubt this will make your day beautiful...  Only one click to be breath taken for a couple of minutes!


Ready for the season!

It has been a little while since we were last in touch! Busy as ever, we followed our clients to Bonaire, Saba, Silver Bank, the BVIs and soon Komodo. Meanwhile, we carried on cruising and diving French Polynesia, through Tahiti Private Expeditions, also preparing for the coming season with some exciting boats for new journeys around our amazing islands. 
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Our professional movie making services

Always aiming at offering the best options, we edited a short HD video as a sample of the films we make for our clients when we step onboard for a trip. Not only will it feature their underwater encounters but also any special event throughout their cruise. All this with the extra help of a drone for aerial footage. The perfect way to make a trip even more memorable and see by yourself what we do. Enjoy and watch!

Press & fam trip in Tahiti

In coordination with the motor yacht Askari, which has been based in French Polynesia for the past 8 years, and the local Department of Tourism, Tahiti Private Expeditions, our sister company, brought its contribution to the "Tahiti Experience" having the pleasure to recently dive and snorkel with 6 high-profile professionals of the industry out of Moorea. They were also introduced with the specificities of the local marine life during a lecture to understand what makes these islands so interesting for diving and snorkeling.  


We are carrying on our ocean conservation actions with Oceana, further contributing to their projects. Having just finished a charter on SY Hemisphere within the frame of the foundation, we are now preparing a couple of packages to help raise funds during their next SeaChange Summer party in California. A few photos of the charter



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

The end of the year is coming up very soon! Just before it ends, the team of Tahiti Private Expeditions and Superyacht Private Expeditions would like to share 5 memorable minutes with you of some of the exciting dive adventures experienced with our Clients in 2013.

Take a breath, relax and "be ready"! (click here

We would like to thank you all again for your support and wish you a wonderful Christmas and a beautiful 2014!
Looking forward to sharing more fabulous underwater adventures with you soon! 
"Be with us in 2014!"

Christelle Holler