Rebreather Diving: become part of the magical underwater marine world...

Superyacht Private Expeditions also offers the opportunity not only to discover the underwater world but become part of it.

For the passionate divers who have traveled the world's most exquisite and rare dive spots, or newbies in recreational diving, the latest rebreather technology will provide brand new thrilling sensations. Divers will feel like a fish!

How does it work?
The air breathed is recycled into a system in which CO2 is kept and O2 added.

The pros of the system:

  • No bubbles, no noise like scuba diving. If you stay still, you become invisible to the marine life surrounding you. Fish come closer and in larger numbers. Behaviors rarely seen while scuba become easier to watch: love parades, hunting phases, very close encounters with pelagic life...
  • Whether the dive takes place at 10 or 40 meters (30 or 110 ft), your dive time can be up to 3 hours or allow 3 dives of one hour each without having to refill the rebreather system.
  • Your safety - deco stops will be dramatically decreased. Indeed, rebreather diving involves air enriched in O2 called Nitrox. The main difference with Nitrox used with scuba is that the amount of O2 breathed can be adapted throughout the dive and your depth.

  • The gear we have selected and use is not heavier than regular scuba gear. It is a plus for ladies interested in the system as the weight is not an issue.


The potential drawbacks:

  • The use of such a system requires a training of a minimum of 6 - 8 dives during the course and a couple hours of classes to understand the system and how to use it. However, our long time experience has allowed us to develop a way to make the training fun while following the proper rules to learn.

  • Most yachts are not equipped with such specific gear. In such a case, Superyacht Private Expeditions looks after the logistics and provides the rebreathers for a trip, anywhere in the world. We are used to monitoring this extra logistics and make it hassle free for our clients. 

We are instructors on Submatix rebreathers (semi-closed and closed circuits) and offer certifications through PADI and Technical Diving International (TDI). We are also trained on Inspiration and Megalodon. We can join you anywhere.

In a nutshell, the first dive will be a brand new experience, nothing like scuba diving. The way of breathing is different to that of scuba but not more difficult. However, after a couple of dives, you will soon realize the high dive potential ahead and incredible forthcoming encounters. You will definitely become addicted to this new dive technology and become a fish among the fish!