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Elmar Blauw, Captain M/Y Unbridled

14th March 2015
To whom it may concern

We had great pleasure working with the team of Superyacht Private Expeditions and Tahiti Private Expeditions throughout our 6 month stay in Tahiti and her Islands in 2012 and then around the world since then. Not only do they provide us with excellent planning and itinerary suggestions matching our guests' expectations for both private and charter cruises but they are also able to bring their expertise of each island, even the most remote ones and allow the guests to dive at the best times allowing them to encounter as much wildlife as possible such as humpback whales and tiger sharks. Their knowledge in marine biology brings a very good added-value for the guests.

Their range of services also includes technical diving. MY Unbridled is specialized in rebreather diving and Superyacht and Tahiti Private Expeditions' technical knowledge, again, is excellent. All dives are arranged with rebreathers in coordination with our dive specialist onboard.

Throughout the various trips, Rodolphe and his team film our adventures both under the water and on land during the various activities organized for our guests. The result on each occasion is an absolute success, showing the guests the film of their trip on the last evening of the cruise. This is a great way for them to keep those wonderful memories alive!

Overall, using the various services of Superyacht and Tahiti Private Expeditions has allowed us to ensure that we are going to the right places at the right time but also allows our guests to experience the best dives and cruises. Given our satisfaction and their understanding of our expectations, we have decided to carry on working with Rodolphe and his team throughout 2015 for the rest of our Pacific tour.

Please feel free to contact me for further comment.

Yours sincerely


Owner, M/Y Mary Jean

New Caledonia was the second time we have had divers from Superyacht Private Expeditions (SPE) on board Mary Jean guiding and diving with us. Previous charter guests have used them very successfully as well.  

SPE’s divers have been gracious and had great fun with our guests .  But they also have been patient,  expert, dive instructors for our ‘newbies’, getting many of them certified.  But the greatest value is in the knowledge SPE brings on board in choosing the dive sites and the natural events to observe and the video and editing equipment they use for recording our underwater adventures. The final ‘trip’ videos are edited with great elan and good humor and will be lifetime mementos of very special times with our family and friends.  Already we are looking forward to free diving with SPE and the whales off Tahiti in September and October.  And for the women on board, the TPE divers have a certain French appeal!

February 1st. 2012






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