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Superyacht Private Expeditions

Rodolphe Holler has been living in the South Pacific since 2000 and has travelled and dived the world as a private guide on superyachts since. He lives on the island of Moorea and is the owner and director of Superyacht Private Expeditions and Tahiti Private Expeditions.

Rodolphe_portraitHis combined expertise as a marine biologist and dive instructor along with his knowledge of world wide dive destinations has made him and his team leading dive guides onboard superyachts.

Rodolphe_et_tigre_rduitFurther to his studies with marine mammal biologists, Rodolphe has acquired tremendous experience in dolphin & whale watching.

As an underwater professional photographer, film maker and award winner of the 2nd Tahiti Underwater Film Festival (FISPOL), he is regularly involved in the filming of TV documentaries. His broad experience in rebreather diving allows him to get much closer to marine wildlife.

Rodolphe also manages a team of guides which he has fully trained to meet Superyacht Private Expeditions’ highest standards while aboard a yacht.


Christelle Holler was born in the South of France and grew
up in Lyon, France.Portrait_Christelle_rduit

As the acting managing director for Superyacht Private Expeditions, she manages the company developments and is responsible for the Auckland office where the company is located. With years of high end hospitality experience in both USA and Europe, Christelle’s understanding of the industry and proficiency allows her to manage the various aspects of the company. 

Thanks to her excellent knowledge of the various dive destinations and many dive trips, she can advise and prepare customized itineraries for yachts along with following up on the logistics prior to a yacht’s dive trip.


In the past, Christelle worked as a stewardess aboard a couple of Tahiti based luxury charter yachts travelling to the various islands of French Polynesia. As a dive master, she never misses the opportunity to go for a dive!

As a travel consultant she promotes the various destinations to the industry in coordination with the local professionals. She also attends the yearly boat shows overseas and writes for various international superyacht magazines also arranging fam and press trips with the boards of tourism.

Karen Woller

Karen was born in Vancouver, Canada but moved to New Zealand when she was very young where she grew up.

Karen is the New Zealand based director of Superyacht Private Expeditions and has been involved in the company from the very beginning, helping building the company strategy and following up on all financial aspects of the business. She has a great background working with the Marine and Superyacht industries.

After graduating with honors from Waikato University with a Bachelor of Management Studies, double major in accounting and management systems, Karen became an expert to identify business needs.She has been a Chartered Accountant for 15 years with an emphasis on helping business implement world-class systems and long-term growth strategies.

She is key to the development of Superyacht Private Expeditions, bringing her wide expertise, proactivity and enthusiasm to develop the company. She is also the main contact in the New Zealand office.

As an ocean lover, Karen enjoys spending time on the family charter boat, which operates from Tauranga and the Bay of Islands, chasing big game fish! She is an accomplished sailor. Of course, she loves travelling the world everytime she has the opportunity.


The Dive Team

Rodolphe has selected and trained a group of highly professional dive guides / instructors (all fluent in English) based upon the company’ high standards. Each individual has been specifically chosen for his diving qualifications, interpersonal skills, expertise of the various destinations, knowledge of the marine wildlife and communication skills in English. Your guide will be chosen according to your destination and requirements. 


The dive team operates worldwide.


Anthony Lagant was born in France and grew up in Paris.  


Anthony spent five years in the French Navy travelling the world. After he left the navy, he lived in the US and Brazil. During this time in the US he worked at the Los Angeles Ritz Carlton where he gained experience at high level service dealing with demanding clients.

He then worked in Tanzania as the dive officer aboard a scientific expedition yacht “Kairos” where guests also actively participated in research.

Anthony moved to French Polynesia eight years ago. Today, his main activity is at the Moorea Dolphin Center as their video operator. He was also involved in the shooting of documentaries on several occasions.

He is a 2 star CMAS and PADI OWI but also a rebreather instructor and a certified Trimix diver.

Thanks to his past experience, Anthony has developed excellent interpersonal skills. He has already worked with M/Y Octopus, M/Y Unbridled and M/Y Callisto among others. He is familiar with the various South Pacific destinations.


Vincent Perceval was born and raised in Burgundy, France and showed an early interest for swimming and scuba diving, which he started as a child diving mine lakes around his home town.

Vincent_PercevalHe became a dive instructor after he graduated from high school. He worked on the French Riviera and the Bahamas before he moved to Tahiti  cruising the Tuamotu extensively on a live aboard catamaran. 

He would take long breaks to explore other oceans from the Seychelles to South America. He spent a couple of years in Central America and Brazil travelling on a motorbike and diving! He speaks Spanish and Portuguese and is fluent in English.

Back in French Polynesia, Vincent settled in the UNESCO biosphere reserve atoll of Fakarava. He still spends most of his free time travelling to other areas of the South Pacific and South East Asia. 

When he does not dive or travel, Vincent likes to play music such as the guitar and percussions.

He is a 2 star CMAS and an OWSI instrutor and a rebreather diver. He has had the opportunity to work, among others, with M/Y The Big Blue, M/Y Mayan Queen, S/Y Silvertip, M/Y Helios and M/Y Octopus. His excellent knowledge of the islands, especially in the Tuamotu archipelago and the Marquesas, which he has dived and cruised extensively, make him the perfect asset for a yacht dive trip.